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2017 Poker Ride

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What is a bicycle poker ride?

Our Poker Ride is just like any other cycling Metric Century (100 km, 65 miles) with one exception; as cyclists ride the route throughout Jefferson County, WV, they draw a playing card at each Card Station (Rest Stop). The object is to have fun & get the best poker hand at the end of your ride. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 poker hands. (Must be 21 to win.) If you don't like poker, you don't have to draw cards, simply come enjoy the beautiful ride.


This year's ride supports the Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County program. Meals on Wheels is dedicated to "deliver daily hot and healthy meals to anyone in Jefferson County who is homebound or for any reason is unable to prepare at least one balanced meal per day, regardless of his or her age, income, infirmity, race, gender, or neighborhood." Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County is a 501c3 agency and all contributions are tax-deductible. EIN: 55-060604


  • Registration starts: 7:00 am
  • Rolling start: 8:00am
  • Post ride lunch starts at 12:00pm
  • Drawing Stations close at 1:30 pm
  • All score cards returned by 2:00 pm



  • $25.00 Early Registration
  • $30.00 after August 20th
  • $35.00 after September 17th
  • $40.00 day of event.
  • Purchase additional score cards & play multiple hands for $10.00 per additional score card. *

Cash Prizes:
For each registration received $2.00 will be contributed to a cash "pot" for the day. The top 3 poker hands will share a percentage of the cash "pot". (To view the total number of registrants & calculate the 'pot' size, click here.)

  1. 50% of the pot.
  2. 30% of the pot.
  3. 20% of the pot.


  1. The Poker Ride Metric Century (65 mile) route will start & end at the Black Dog Coffee Shop in Bardane, WV. With ~2700 ft of elevation gain, there are some hills, but it's not all climbing. It will circle most of Jefferson County, WV including Shepherdstown, Kearneysville, Leetown, Meyerstown, Bloomery, Bakerton & of course Bardane.
  2. The 31 Mile Road ride will follow the first 26 miles of the Poker Ride and then take the Route 9 Multi-Use Recreation Trail after the 2nd rest stop to the finish. map coming soon
  3. The Trail Ride will be a ride along the Route 9 Multi-Use Recreational Trail (MURT). A family friendly route, great for kids and beginners. Riders choosing to ride the trail can pull thier cards at the start/finish and just ride a few miles or a many as 21 miles along the whole length of the MURT (out-&-back.)

Refreshments: Rest stops will include your usual supported ride staples, oranges, bananas, PB&J, etc. Join us after your ride for post-ride refreshments from our wonderful club members & partners including:

  • J&B's famous New Orleans Style Jambalaya
  • Chick-fil-a sandwhiches
  • Subway Sandwiches & Cookies

*Items subject to change

There is parking available at the registration at The Black Dog Coffe Shop. However, there is a limit to the number of cars Black Dog's parking lot will hold. We ask that you park your vehicle in the parking lot near the DMV & ride up to the start/registration area (about 300 yards). View Larger Map


If you are a local rider and want to get about 4 extra miles in for the day you can park at the Currie Rd parking lot and take the Trail to Bardane for the start. Thank you for your understanding. View Larger Map

Poker Ride Rules:
Rider will pick up a registration packet with score card, Q-sheet and map. At each of the five stops (4 along the route & 1 at the finish), one card will be drawn from a bag containing one full playing card deck (52 cards) without jokers. The Poker Stop Event Staff monitor will place a unique stamp on the score card for the rank and suit of the card drawn. The playing card will be returned to the bag. No duplicate cards; if you draw a card that you already have, you must return it and drawn again. The riders will go to the next stop. After the last (4th card) stop, the riders will proceed to Black Dog Coffee Shop. Before turning in the score card, riders will be given the opportunity to purchase additional cards. The cards will be drawn from a bag the same as the poker stops and recorded by event staff. The best 5 cards will be used from the score card for ranking.

Poker ride may be completed at the riders own pace, but participants must be back at the Black Dog Coffee Shop by 2:00 pm.

The standard poker hand rules will be used to rank the completed score cards. Prizes will be awarded to the three best hands. No wild cards. Tandems and tag-alongs are allowed on bike course, but all participants must pay the entry fee.

You may not have someone else draw your card. Score card station attendees must sign and stamp your score card at each station. Riders that cannot gather five cards in the allotted time may draw remaining cards at the Finish. If you lose your score card during the ride - too bad.

* Players who want to play multiple hands you must specify at each Card Station which score card you are about to draw for and present it to the Card Station Manager. You will then draw a card & the Station Manager will mark your score card. You may then present your next score card and draw the next card. Riders do not get to draw multiple cards and choose which cards go to which score cards.

You can purchase up to five replacement cards at the following dollar amounts at the closing table at the end of the ride.

  • 1st card $10.00
  • 2nd card $15.00
  • 3rd card $20.00
  • 4th card $25.00
  • 5th card $30.00

To save time the day of the ride, if you have any questions about the rules please email us at panhandlepedalers(at)gmail(dot)com with your questions ahead of time so we can get them answered for you.


We are currently working to bring you some awesome swag.

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