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About us

The Panhandle Pedalers are a group of cycling enthusiasts based in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and surrounding areas.

The goal of the club is to promote and encourage bicycling in our community for all levels of cyclists.

We are an affiliated member of the The League of American Bicyclists.

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About the only thing better than a late-spring bike ride through the countryside is the same ride in the company of several like-minded people. The conversation and camaraderie help flatten hills and make the miles fly. Plus, there's safety in numbers: If you crash or break down, you're not on your own. The Panhandle Pedalers Cycling Club is open to any interested individual 18 years of age or older. Persons under 18 years old may join through a family membership and must be accompanied on all rides by a responsible adult.

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What is PPCC?

The heart of any cycling club is the rides that it provides for riders of all abilities. Non-members are invited to join any of the rides offered.  From weekly rides to scheduled events to event support we are involved in a wide range of cycling activities. We would like to invite you to join the Panhandle Pedalers Cycling Club. There is no better way to meet other cyclists and join some great rides.

The mission of our not-for-profit recreational organization is to promote and sponsor bicycling activities in eastern panhandle. The PPCC also promotes, defends, and protects the rights of bicyclists for a safe road riding environment in our communities through advocacy and education. Visit our website to learn more about current issues.

Our advantages

Well, as many of us already know, there are lots of reasons to belong to a bike club. Some of the top reasons are:
• Meet others who enjoy cycling .... make a new friend .... find your true love.
• Learn to be a better bicyclist.
• Shed the stresses of everyday life (at least for as long as the ride lasts).
• Become fit .... lose weight .... look like the athlete you've become.
• Participate in club events and get a member discount.
• Impress your friends and family with your fun-loving lifestyle (and the fact that
you have become an athlete!).
• Support the bicycling community and encourage bicycling friendly legislation.

Our Google Calendar

View our upcoming regular weekly rides as well as special weekend events. If you know of an event that you think would be a good addition to the PPCC calendar email

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