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Ride Classifications


Flat Terrain: 21+ mph
Moderate Terrain: 18-20 mph
Hilly Terrain: 16-18 mph


Flat Terrain: 18-20 mph
Moderate Terrain: 16-18 mph
Hilly Terrain: 14-16


Flat Terrain: 16-18 mph
Moderate Terrain: 14-16 mph
Hilly Terrain: 12-14 mph


Flat Terrain: 14-16 mph
Moderate Terrain: 12-14 mph
Hilly Terrain: 10-12 mph


Flat Terrain: 12-14 mph
Moderate Terrain: 10-12 mph
Hilly Terrain: 8-10 mph

A ride classification gives you important information about the type of ride listed. The most difficult, long, and fast rides are rated Class A+ and progressively go to less difficult, shorter and slower rides. The classes often have a wide range of average miles and distances and sometimes have an attached + or - to indicate if the ride is at the higher or lower part of the range.

If you have any questions whether a particular ride is for you, contact the ride leader (that's why the leader's contact information is always in the ride description).

If this is your first ride with us, we suggest that you start at a level of difficulty that is lower than what you think you can do. You can always move up to a more difficult class. We want you to enjoy your rides with the PPCC and also get better.


Flat Terrain: 10-12 mph
Moderate Terrain: 8-10 mph
Hilly Terrain: 6-8 mph


Flat Terrain: Under 10 mph
Moderate Terrain: Under 8 mph
Hilly Terrain: Under 6 mph

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